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Turn your windows On/Off at the flip of a switch!  Introducing Buddha-Glass from Artisan Glass Studio.  Privacy and comfort for your home or business without having to replace your existing windows. 

The Technology

Simply put, these are liquid crystals sandwiched between layers of film.  At rest, the crystals arrange themselves randomly blocking visible light but when you run a current through them, they rearrange uniformly thereby allowing light to enter.  The technology has been around for a few years but the ability to affordably retrofit your existing glass with our smart film is fairly recent and quite innovative.


Besides the tremendous cool factor, Buddha-Glass offers these benefits:

  • On-demand privacy.  

  • UV protection for yourself and your furniture.  

  • Reduce heat and glare from the sun.

  • Provides thermal and sound insulation.

  • An end to curtains, blinds and other dust magnets! 

  • Low power consumption. Most residential applications will consume less power than a 60 watt LED light bulb; yes, an LED light bulb!

  • Easy to care and clean for.  No laundering, no blind cleaning.

  • Buddha-Glass can serve as a projection screen with applications for home-viewing, or advertisement display for storefront windows.

  • Keep your view open without obtrusive window treatments.

  • Buddha-Glass turns your ordinary window into a piece of safety glass that stays together and is less likely to cause harm if broken.  


From simple "plug and play" installation to remodels and new construction, personalize your Buddha-Glass with options like:

  • Remote control.
  • Dimmers.              
  • Smartphone control, iOS and Android.

  • Incorporate into smart home Wi-Fi voice driven systems like Google Home or Amazon Echo.

  • We work with RV and boating enthusiasts for specialty installations.

Buddha-Glass Logo.jpg

Why Us?

Buddha-Glass is not just smart, it's wise.  There are many suppliers of smart film and we know you have a choice.  Buddha-Glass works with the world’s leading manufacturers to design a custom solution for your needs.  That means that we do not favor a given brand but rather focus on matching the strengths of a given product with our customers’ needs, be that plug-and-play for a bathroom window, hard-wired new construction or remodels, smart-home integration, rear-projection, office and medical privacy, or commercial advertisement needs.  We will help you sort through all the data and provide peace of mind.  That’s not just smart, that’s wise; that’s Buddha-Glass.   

Please contact us or take a look at our FAQs for more Buddha-Glass information.