Frequently Asked Questions About Buddha-Glass

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What is Buddha-Glass?

Buddha-Glass is a "smart-film" or PDLC  (Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystal) film that adheres to existing glass.  It is an electrical appliance that is connected to your home or business window by plugging in to an outlet, or it is directly hardwired through the wall to your power source.  Buddha-Glass allows you to "turn on/off" your shade or privacy in milliseconds simply at the touch of a switch. 


How Do I Purchase Buddha-Glass?

To start, we need exact measurements for your windows.  Each piece of Buddha-Glass is custom-built for you not just in terms of size and fit, but also, for example, in terms of the best place for us to install the electrical leads so as to hide cords the best way possible as needed.  Your first step is to contact us so we can discuss your specific needs.  


Can I Install Buddha-Glass by Myself?

The short answer is YES, but we don't recommend it.  If you are a savvy DIYer with experience installing window films then this should not pose a problem.  We can customize the film for your specific needs and you can install it yourself at a significant cost savings.  We will even provide you generic instructions and videos to help you along.  However, please realize that doing so may void product warranties.  We also advise you, depending on your needs, to consult an electrician or other professionals to ensure a proper and safe installation.     


Can I Purchase Buddha-Glass Even Though I'm Not in Your Service Area?

We currently service areas in Washington state, Northern Idaho and Western Montana.  Depending on the scope of your order we may be able to directly install and warranty your order if you are in our service area.  If you are outside our service area, we will work hard to recommend an installer among our vast network, and provide you with specifications and instructional videos to help you along.  Please note our advice above for DIYers.       


Do I Need to Buy Transformers?

The usual electrical power delivered in the US and Canada is 120 V at a frequency of 60 Hz.  The majority of our products require a lower voltage to curb consumption, and for safety reasons.  Thus, transformers are needed to regulate power, measured as wattage.  Further, each installation's power need (wattage) is unique and dependent on the square footage of film needed.  For example, one window that is 3 foot wide by 5 foot long (15 Sq. Ft.) will require different wattage than four windows that are 6 foot wide and 10 foot long (240 Sq. Ft.).  Thus, a proper transformer is essential for a successful installation.  No worries, we will provide you with the appropriate transformer needed for your installation.      


How Much Does it Cost?

Your purchase of Buddha-Glass is based on three factors: 

  • Square footage.  The area of smart film needed impacts your cost.  Simply put, larger windows need more film.
  •  Installation.  This varies depending on your need, such as a simple "plug-and-play" that just plugs into a nearby socket, to cord concealment, or in-wall installation.   
  • Peripherals.  This includes the need for transformers and your choice of options for smart home or smartphone integration.

For specific questions or to request a quote please contact us.