Elevate Your Kitchen Cabinet Design with a Touch of Glass

Cabinet glass inserts from Artisan Glass Studio add a special custom look and feel to your home.  Choose from our catalog below or commission your own design. Let your imagination run and select from over 200 colors and textures as well as a variety lead finishes.  We'll work with your cabinet professional or designer to ensure a perfect look and fit.  Each glass insert is hand‐crafted in Colbert, Washington. 

Shoji Cabinet Glass Insert


Bring the serene and clean look of the Far East into your home with this classic Japanese design. We line your glass with rice paper and face the glass‐side out for easy cleaning. Ideal with natural stained wood applications.

Prairie Cabinet Glass Insert


In the beautiful style of noted architect Frank Lloyd Wright, the Prairie School of the late 19th and early 20th century remains a favorite. Our one piece, solid‐glass design will stand the stresses of opening and closing while our double‐leaded fabrication provides the look and feel of traditional stained cut glass. 

Tudor Cabinet Glass Insert


Stemming from the final development of Medieval
architecture in England, our Tudor homage is ideal for those looking for tradition and a timeless appearance.  Our double‐leaded fabrication comes over a solid piece of clear glass, or you can opt for a variety of glass textures to diffuse light and add interest to your door.  

White Dust Cabinet Glass Insert

White Dust

This application blocks much of the visible light providing a translucent white appearance. White Dust offers more privacy than our Light Frost and is well suited for a modern and sleek look.

Light Frost Cabinet Glass Insert

Light Frost

Our Light Frost look is versatile and an ideal solution for those wanting a partial peek inside their cabinets while adding an elegant frosted or sandblast touch.

Country Farm Cabinet Glass Insert

Country Farm

Our Country Farm design provides the comfortable and relaxed appearance of metal screen over clear glass to make cleaning a cinch while providing a unique country cottage feel. This wire mesh lined glass may be used as a highlight in your kitchen to display special dishware.